Thursday, January 31, 2008

Novel - Day 41 - 536 / 44,700

Sam and Ted squeezed there way through the small, un-boarded window in the back of the house. About eighteen other men and boys joined them.

“Come along, come along, follow Sam and be quiet.” Ted whispered.

Sam led the men into an alleyway and waited quietly.

The villagers from Capital City made their way through the woods and quietly camped out near the groups of soldiers. The larger groups of villagers were near the entrances to the town with the largest being near the main road. When everyone appeared to be ready, the young man gave out a howl, like a wolf.

At hearing the howl, Sam motioned to one of the boys in his group. The boy made his way behind the houses and up the alley between the houses. Laughing and yelling, the boy ran out of the alley and past the guard.

“Betcha can’t catch me, you goon.” the boy yelled, knocking off the guards hat as he ran by.

“Hey! Get back here. You ain’t supposed to be out, I’ll lock ya up!” the guard yelled, pulling his sword and chasing after the boy down the alley.

The last words of the guard were caught in his throat as he made it half way down the alley. He was faced with about twenty men who were now surrounding him and brandishing everything from sticks and stones to coat racks and pans which were obviously from the house they were supposed to be locked up in.

The guard stood there panic stricken. “Please don’t kill me!” he said as he dropped to his knees. A few minutes later, the guard was stripped and bound. One of the townsmen put on the guard’s clothes and walked to the front of the house and assumed his post. The townsman stood there at his ‘post’ for awhile, relieved that nobody approached him or questioned him. He heard a faint tap on the door, he turned and opened the door and walked in. He waited a second or two then stepped out and called to the guards who were watching the other buildings.

“Hey come here, check this out!” the townsman called, motioning for the two guards to come over.

As the guards opened the door, the townsman stepped behind them and gave them a slight push while the men inside grabbed their arms and pulled them inside. They shut the door and quickly subdued the guards, stripping and binding them. Within a couple of minutes, three ‘guards’ were standing at their posts in front of the building. A howl came from somewhere behind the building, the guards took no notice.

On opposite sides of the town, the villagers flung a stone towards the soldiers who were watching the minor roads out of town. One of the guards stepped into the woods to investigate. As soon as he was out of sight of the other soldiers, he stepped in a snare and was hoisted in the air. The soldier on the other side of town was immediately surrounded and tackled by villagers. When they didn’t come out, other soldiers went in the woods looking for them. It wasn’t long before all of the soldiers had been captured.

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