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Novel - Day 22 - 1,181 / 17,071

“This could be fun!” Kiri said, “I can get back at everyone I don’t like.”

“Be careful Kiri”, Creance warned, “You don’t want anyone discovering that it may be you who has become the thorn in their side. If this is discovered, then your skills will become ineffective and they will know how to fight against you. That also means that they will know how to capture or use you.

You are to be nothing more than a thorn in their side. Doing this will improve your skills and cause tension in their ranks. You are not to attempt everything in one day, spread it out over several days, so the tension will grow.

Also, while you are within the town, you are to keep your ears and eyes open to gain any information that you can; anything which you feel may be of value to the Network. You are to bring back and report to us, no matter how small or trivial it may seem to you.

Now go, prepare what you need and take some time to rest for you begin tonight. In the beginning, I want you to go only at night, as you become more comfortable, you may need to go during the day. Do you have any questions?”

“No, I understand.” Kiri said.

Kiri prepared for her evening, she gathered her weapons and a few small tools that she felt she may need. She spent some time practicing with her weapons and skills which Leste had taught her. She also made sure the weapons were sharp and clean. It quickly became obvious that Kiri was trying to burn off nervous energy.

“Go, rest. You’ll need your sleep.” Creance said.

Kiri set aside everything else and laid down on the cot. She laid there for sometime with a million things running through her mind, feeling that she will never get to sleep. It wasn’t until Creance was waking her that she realized that she had fallen asleep.

“It’s time.” Creance said.

Kiri got up and slowly grabbed her weapons and tools. She took a quick look around to make sure she had not left anything behind.

“Any last words of advice or instruction?” Kiri asked Creance.

“Just to be careful and be quick. You don’t want to overstay your welcome, otherwise you will get caught. Remember, there is always another night for mischief. Tonight is mostly for you to learn how the Envahir move within the town.” Creance said.

“Very well, I will see you soon.” Kiri said as she walked out the door into the dark night.

Kiri looked up at the moonless night, “Perfect” she thought. Kiri moved quietly and slowly through the woods; remembering her training, not wanting to raise any attention. Kiri reached the edge of the town and watched. As she watched she began to see how the Envahir guarded the city and where the patrols were. There was one guard at the two small roads leading out of the town. On the two larger roads, the stations held two guards. Each of these stations had a watch fire burning. On the main street of the town one guard patrolled back and forth along the street; a watch fire was placed at each end of his patrol.

Kiri watched for awhile before deciding what to do and how she wanted to accomplish it. Kiri slowly moved toward one of the guard posts. As she approached and came within a few feet of the guard she stopped and watched him. Kiri’s heart was beating so fast and so loudly that she was sure he would hear it, the guard made no move. Kiri quietly arranged things near the guard station, moving at times within inches of the guard. She was proud of how well she was able to use her new skills. As she moved away, she hoped that what she planned will work the way she hoped. She moved to each of the outlying guard stations, preparing each of the stations for her mischief.

While she was at the last of the larger guard stations, a small twig dropped from her hands, landing on a rock, causing the guards to take notice. Kiri immediately froze. The guards stood with the fire to their backs to shield their eyes and looked out into the woods. Kiri remained crouched, unmoving and barely breathing; willing her heart to slow and beat more quietly, afraid that if she were to move the guards would spot her. Kiri remained in this spot for sometime before the guards finally relaxed. It was a while later when Kiri finally felt safe enough to back away.

Kiri knew that guard station would be the perfect place to set off the trigger for her little mischief. She set up the trigger and left to a safe place to watch the action. As she watched from her vantage point near the woods, she heard in the distance her trigger being set off. She could imagine the guards springing to their feet and rushing forward to see what the sound was, unknowingly setting off a trip wire which caused debris to fall into the fire. Kiri saw the fire at the first guard post go out and the guards yelling at one another. As the other guard post began to hear the commotion, they too sprung to attention, preparing for attack. Kiri watched and laughed quietly to herself as their fires also went out. She could see from the distance that the guard patrolling the center of town could not decide where to go first. Several guards came running from unseen barracks, pulling on their clothes and weapons preparing for an attack as the guards at the post began to realize that something wasn’t right. They guards began to clean the debris and tried to get the fire started again. Kiri could see groups of soldiers trying to explain what had happened. She decided that the excitement was over for the evening and turned to head back to Creance’s hut.

Kiri made it back to the hut; the fire was burning low in the fireplace. Kiri placed her belongings on the table and found her way to bed. The next morning, she was greeted by Creance, Leste and Sallan who listened intently as she related the events of the evening. Leste paid particular attention when Kiri told of the guards almost catching her and she had to freeze. All of them had a good laugh about the soldier’s surprise when the fires went out and were quite proud of Kiri’s ingenuity. Creance was interested in the guards, their posts and how long it took them to respond when the commotion began. Kiri tried to guess at their response time.

“Had I known I was going to be quizzed, I would’ve paid closer attention.” Kiri said.

“It is these types of things which will help you on your excursions into town, it allows us to continue to train you properly and will also help the Network for the work they must do.” Creance explained.

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