Saturday, February 2, 2008

Novel - Day 43 - 538 / 45,238

Creance and Kiri squeezed in between a pile of junk in the alleyway which was put there, like in the other parts of town, as a barricade to separate The Envahir. As they made their way through the barricade, Kiri saw they came out in front of a large building with a lot of steps leading up to it’s doorway. Envahir soldiers and members of the Network were fighting on the steps. The streets leading to the building were covered with the wounded and dead of both armies.

“Where are we? What is this place?” Kiri asked.

“This is the government building; we need to protect it at all costs. If Voler captures this, the fight is lost; he controls everything, the city and the country.” Creance said, “This is why we took the path we did, so we could get here as fast as possible. We can’t let him win.”

The Envahir had driven part way up the steps, The Network was trying to hold their own but, they were weakening. Members of The Network were being struck down. The Envahir appeared to be winning.

“Attack!” Creance yelled.

Creance, Kiri and their group attacked the Envahir from the side. As they reached the Envahir soldiers, the unsuspected attack allowed Kiri’s group to kill a few of the soldiers before they realized what was happening. The added support for The Network allowed them to drive the Envahir back to the street. Kiri looked about her and saw the bodies and wounded of both The Envahir and The Network and yet, it seemed as though there were many more to take their place. It appeared as though finally, The Network may have a chance to beat The Envahir. As tired as she was, Kiri was trying to use all of the skills she had learned recently; which helped her to defeat her enemies.

As The Network drove The Envahir backwards, trying to contain them, the blockade at the end of the street opened up and Envahir soldiers poured through. As they made their way through, the fighting didn’t increase but rather stopped. The lines of fighters separated and a few, both Envahir and Network members, who did not separate were thrown to the side. Many of the soldiers scrambled to get out of the way. The last few soldiers moved out of the way and in front of Creance stood Voler. Kiri moved next to Creance, gripping her sword, she stared at Lexa who stood behind Voler.

“I should have known you were behind all of this, Creance.” Voler said, “You always were one to get in the way and cause problems.”

“Perhaps you may be right Voler but, the way I see it is you were always the one who created the problems in the first place.” Creance said.

“And now I see you have a little puppet to order around.” Voler said, pointing his sword at Kiri, “Or are you going to let the little girl make decisions for you the way her daddy always did?”

“You see Voler that is where you misunderstand things; there are two concepts you have never been able to understand, friendship and commitment.”

“Those things matter little to me.” Voler replied.

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