Sunday, January 13, 2008

Novel - Day 23 - 577 / 17,648

Kiri was going over in her mind, the layout of the town and the location of the guards. She was beginning to devise her next plans. It was decided, mostly by Creance, that she would not go tonight, even though Kiri had put up a fuss and was eager to attempt some more mischief. Creance felt that it would be best to wait a day so the guards were not suspecting something to happen. Although Kiri at first did not like the idea, she was now thankful for the opportunity to plan. Along with planning, Kiri spent the next day training with Leste and Sallan.

When the night finally arrived, Kiri was excited to be able to try out her new ideas. She prepared her weapons and tools for this night much in the same way that she had for the first. The only difference was when she left; she took with her two buckets of water. Kiri walked through the woods quietly and without a trace, listening for any unwelcome visitors. When Kiri came to the edge of the wood, she hid the buckets of water where they wouldn’t be found.

Slowly and quietly, she worked her way into the town. She was not as apprehensive tonight about entering the town as she was the night before. She now knew where the soldiers were and what to expect from them. She realized that discussing her first night’s adventure with the others helped her to better understand the soldier’s movements and actions. The day spent planning also helped her to know what to expect.

As she walked through the town, she stuck close to buildings and homes, staying in the shadows. At first she tried to avoid windows but then she realized that all of the windows in town had their shutters drawn. She felt this was odd for this time of the year but then, she figured it was either ordered to be this way or just done out of fear. Either way, it worked to her advantage and gave less opportunity for her to be spotted. Although she figured that with the curfew, not many people stayed up past dark and were awake with the sun. This was also good for her and the job she needed to do.

Kiri went through town taking things which obviously belonged to certain people and put those items near other people’s homes. Knowing that they would either be found or someone would be looking for the belongings. As tempting as it was to cause damage to the belongings or homes of the people she didn’t like, Kiri felt the townspeople had already been through enough; even the people she still didn’t like. But that didn’t stop her from using those people.

George and Scott had been neighbors all of their adult lives. Neither had ever liked the other, this entire time there had been a feud between them. George was always bothered by Scott with his endless talking and silly philosophical questions. Scott was always jealous that George had hair and muscles and felt that it wasn’t fair. Kiri never liked George at all and was just generally annoyed by Scott so she thought this might make for an interesting morning. Kiri took a prized pig from George and placed it in Scott’s fenced in yard behind his house; she filled George’s shed with Scott’s tools. She smiled thinking about what was to come. Kiri opened pasture gates.

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