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Novel - Day 21 - 1,288 / 15,890

“So, what’s the point of all of this?” Kiri asked, “How am I, one person going to get the Envahir out of town and what’s going to keep them from coming back or worse killing me? I can’t even fight them, all I can do is use a few small weapons and sneak around. Granted, I now know more about them than before but how is that going to help? What good is it really going to do? What are we really getting out of this?

Are we doing this just to get my bar back or to save the town? Who cares about my bar, its gone and I can just move on now; and the town can fend for itself. I figure the town didn’t fight to save themselves, so they deserve what they got. If they want to be saved from the Envahir, they need to stand up and protect themselves and drive the Envahir out.

So what good does it do even if I could kill all of the Envahir? What do I get out of it? Is the town going to claim me a hero and rebuild my bar? Why would I want that, this could be my chance to leave this town without feeling any regrets?”

The others looked at one another. Epier glanced at everyone and laughed.

“I will let you handle these questions. I must return before I am missed. Kiri, it has been a pleasure training you; and to the rest of you, as always, it has been equally a pleasure” Epier said as he shook everyone’s hand and turned to leave.

“You have been training for and become a part of the Network; a group of committed countrymen who have sworn to protect the country at all costs.” Creance said.

“That’s an old fairy tale that parents tell to get their kids to fall asleep at night. My own father would tell me the stories. There is no truth to that! Now you want me to believe it?” Kiri said.

“Your father would tell you stories of the Network. And, no, they are not fairy tales. The stories many are told are usually actual events that have happened, some of which have grown in stature over the years; which groups like the Envahir cannot keep quiet. Although, I happen to know that the stories you were told were not necessarily events but instead lessons for you to learn.” Creance explained.

“How would you know what stories were told to me and what do you mean they were lessons for me to learn? What lessons?” Kiri asked.

“Because I happen to have known your father for some time and I know what stories he told and why he told you these stories. Why do you think your training has proceeded so easily? The reason for the lessons will be explained in due time. I have said too much for now.”

“You knew my father? What happened to him? Why did he leave? Where did he go? Tell me what you knew about him.” Kiri asked.

“I can answer all of these things and I will answer them for you, but not at this time. It would not be beneficial for you to learn the answers to these questions now. In fact it will harm your education.” Creance said, seeing the anger rising in Kiri’s face he continued, “You have waited this long to find answers; what is a little longer when it is in your best interest? This is how your father would want it.”

Creance could tell that Kiri was not completely satisfied with the explanation but he could also tell that she was willing to accept it for the time being.

“Now as I was saying”, Creance continued, “You have been training for and become a part of the Network; a group of committed countrymen who have sworn to protect the country at all costs. You were chosen to join the Network almost from birth; this was your father’s decision.

The job of the Network is to protect the country and its people. The network is not just the four of us it consists of many people throughout the country. These people of the network stand and fight to protect the country at any cost. They are not just here to protect our little town here; but they protect all of the towns and ports throughout the country and most importantly the Capital City.”

“They aren’t doing a very good job at it are they?” Kiri said sarcastically, “If you haven’t noticed, they have taken over port town, our town and now they are working on taking over Capital City.”

“That is all by design. We decided quite some time ago that if we were to defeat the Envahir, we would have to do it in such a way that they would collapse and not be able to regain strength. Since the Envahir did not normally fight and use strength to take over a town; we felt that we would have to fight them in there own way.

Since they manipulate people, using their fears and the skeletons in their closets, to control them; we felt that if we tried to fight them in a traditional way, using force, they would control the people under them using them to amass a huge army. If they were to do this, we would easily be defeated. We decided that the best action would be to fight them using their own tactics. We will cause them to fall apart by attacking them from the inside.”

“But that still doesn’t explain why it hasn’t worked yet. If this plan of yours works so well, why have they taken over the port town and now our town?” Kiri asked.

“The decision was to allow the Envahir to believe they had control of the outlying ports and towns before they attempted to move on Capital City. As they moved closer to Capital City, their hold on the outlying towns would crumble; when they discovered that they couldn’t take Capital City, their strength would fail and the people who they controlled would flee leaving only a few of the true Envahir. Those few will then be taken into custody or killed.” Creance explained. “As we are speaking, the Envahir is beginning to lose control in the outlying towns such as Port Town. Small things are beginning to happen which are causing them to lose their grip and the people to regain their own power and dignity.”

“How do you know they are not going to take Capital City? And what does all of this have to do with me? What’s my part in all of this?” Kiri asked

“As they march on Capital City, they will be fed false information; this information will have no power for them and therefore no control. They will also be chasing people who do not exist. As they continue to grasp for this power, their power behind them will crumble completely.

As for you, at least for now, your job is to weaken them from the inside. You do not have to achieve drastic things, as a matter of fact, the more subtle the better. All of your skills will come into play at this time. You will enter the town and cause as much havoc as possible, a little at a time. It is imperative that you go every day at different times including in the daylight, so that you are not predictable and the problems you cause will both befall townspeople and Envahir. It is important that the townspeople are affected because this will cause disruption and weaken the Envahir.”

Kiri only smiled at Creance’s orders.

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