Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Novel - Day 39 - 1,043 / 43,661

Kiri made her way through the city gates and was crushed by the sights and sounds around her. What was once a beautiful city had quickly become a field of battle. Kiri stopped dead and stared at the activity happening all around her.

“Keep moving!” Creance yelled, “If you stop, you become a target.”

“Where do you begin?” Kiri asked

Creance motioned to the members of The Network, ordering them into different areas.

“That choice is usually decided for you, by someone attacking. That is where you start. By protecting yourself. Then you divide and conquer.” Creance said, “Follow me.”

Creance turned left and started running down a side street, motioning for others to follow.

Kiri followed Creance with others of The Network behind them, staying to side streets and alleyways, the group made their way through the town. A stray Envahir soldier turned the corner and saw the group running towards him. With a look of shock, he turned and ran. He misjudged, reached a dead end, turned and tried to back track but the group was too close, he ran and attacked the group of The Network. With one swift move, Creance swung his sword and the lone soldier collapsed to the ground as the group ran past.

Everywhere Kiri looked, there were small groups of people fighting.

“Why so many small fights, I thought there would just be one big fight?” Kiri asked as they stopped for a moment.

“If we can block off different streets to separate the Envahir, then we will be able to stop them from overtaking the city and we can defeat them much easier.” Creance said, “We need to get across here and over to the main street. We must keep The Envahir from reaching the government building.”

Creance began to climb the makeshift barricade that had cut off the street. Kiri followed and as she climbed over the top and dropped to the ground, a sword landed inches away from her head. She saw the red of an Envahir soldier’s uniform and lunged forward, sliding her sword into his gut.

Kiri gave a quick glance around which showed her that Creance was already quite involved in a fight with another soldier but, holding his own quite well. She saw a soldier charge towards her as other members of The Network came over the wall. She blocked the soldier’s sword and moved to position herself to attack. She continued to fight the soldier and was maintaining her own but wasn’t getting the upper hand. She was beginning to tire and even wondered if she could last when the soldier stumbled on a body. Kiri saw her opportunity and took it, the soldier crumpled to the ground. All of the fights she had blurred into one. Some of the fights, she killed her opponent almost immediately, others she struggled with. One wounded Envahir soldier stumbled towards her, struggling to keep his balance. As he reached Kiri, he teetered forward, throwing himself off balance even more; Kiri stepped to the side, kicked him in the rear and sent him stumbling into the wall of a building with a sickening thud.

As The Network began to clear this small section of street, the remaining Envahir soldiers took the opportunity to run away into other areas to give themselves the chance to regroup. Some of the soldiers fell as they tried to scramble over the walls.

As the last of the soldiers either dropped or disappeared over the wall, Kiri stopped to catch her breath. She looked around and noticed that several of The Network had fallen but, many more Envahir had. She saw Creance bleeding from a cut on his arm.

“My arm looks like your leg.” Creance said, pointing ot Kiri’s leg.

Kiri looked down and noticed that her leg was indeed bleeding. She tore a piece of clothing from a body that lay on the ground and tied it around her leg.

“It’s a shame that so many must die because I led them into battle.” Kiri said.

“Now is not the time for pity and that is not how you should look at it. You must see it as; they gave their life to fight for good and to save us from the likes of Voler.” Creance said, “How many more will die if we do not stop him?”

Once they regrouped and had repaired any minor injuries, Creance led them again through some side streets and onto a street which appeared to have a few homes. The end of the street had earlier been blocked off but the blockade was pushed aside. On this street, there were three members of The Network who were simply trying to stay alive, they were grossly outnumbered.

“ATTACK!” Creance yelled.

Creance, Kiri and the others came through the alleyway just as it looked as though the three men were about to lose the fight. The three men collapsed in a safe corner of the alleyway to catch their breath and quickly repair any wounds they had. The members of The Network began to drive back The Envahir soldiers. Just as it appeared that they may defeat these Envahir, others came to join in the fight. The Network was pushed back in the surge of Envahir which came through the broken blockade. The Envahir looked as though they may have the upper hand until they began to get pummeled with rocks and dishes and chairs from above. Kiri looked up and saw the villagers throwing anything they had at The Envahir. Shouts of cheers went up from The Network as the soldiers began to weaken under the onslaught of the villagers.

Kiri was fighting with one of The Envahir soldier’s. The soldier was distracted and she ran him through with her sword; when from the rooftop, a very large armoire came crashing down upon a number of The Envahir.

“Take that. That was me missus dresser, I never liked the thing anyway.” yelled a voice from above.

Kiri thought she heard a woman’s voice scream out, “What the hell you do that for?”

They quickly overpowered the group of Envahir, with the help of the villagers. Creance led the members of his group through a couple of side streets.

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