Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Novel - Day 40 - 503 / 44,164

The young man who had escaped the town dressed as an Envahir soldier, hid in the woods until he was sure the Envahir had all left the town. Then he waited. He began to get discouraged and he started to feel as though he had risked his life for nothing when he saw groups of people coming down the road. He noticed that it wasn’t soldiers but villagers from Capital City. Many who had looks of worry on their faces and appeared to have nothing more than what they had on.

“Stop, stop!” The young man yelled.

“Out of our way, boy.” One older man ordered.

The young man stood his ground, “No!”

Capital City has just been invaded by The Envahir. We need to get to the town to find shelter until we can make it back home.”

“The only shelter you will find there is in an Envahir prison.” the young man said.

The older man stopped and stared at him, “What are you talking about?”

“The Envahir came through here before they marched on Capital City. They took over our town and turned it into a prison. The only entrance into or out of Capital City is by the road you are on. You are walking right into their prison and when you arrive they will escort you to one of the overcrowded buildings which used to be someone’s home.”

“What do you suggest we do? Sit right down here in the middle of the road and sit for them to come back and carry us away?” the older man asked.

“No, what we are going to do is exactly what I was asked to do. I was sent here to warn you about the prison and ask for your help in freeing those who are still in there. There is a limited amount of guards in the city. We believe they can easily be overwhelmed.

The townspeople will put pressure on them from the inside and we will do the same from out here. Everyone coming from Capital City will surround the town the best we can and we will draw the guards away from their posts and weaken their defenses. They will be doing the same from the inside and when we are able; we will overpower them and take back the town.” the young man explained.

“What’s in it for us?” several people asked.

“Well let’s see, you get to stay out of prison for starters. You have a comfortable and safe place to stay until you can make it back home.”

“What happens if Capital City falls and The Envahir take it over and then come back here?” someone asked.

“Then we can either stand and fight and hope they are wounded enough we could defeat them. Or we at least have the option to escape from them and flee elsewhere.”

It didn’t take much convincing before the people from Capital City agreed to help. The people were quietly put in place and given their orders.

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