Thursday, January 17, 2008

Novel - Day 27 - 138 / 20,268

Creance was still not in the best of moods when Kiri awoke later in the day. They sat at the table drinking tea.

“Your man is doing better.” Creance said, “I think just the water and the rest has helped him tremendously.”

“That’s good.” Kiri said, not wanting to stir up any more lectures from Creance.

“I hope you understood that your foolish actions have compounded many problems for us. We will probably have to leave here and find another place to live.” Creance said, “If they come after him and discover us, we may need to change our plans. Doing that may cost us this battle. We will need to get the others together and begin planning for an attack. They may try to weaken us before marching on Capital City.”

“That won’t help” a voice said.

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