Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Novel - Day 25 - 719 / 18369

He pulled the pillow over his head, it didn’t help to block out the noise; he through the pillow to the side. Half asleep, he rubbed his hands over his face and resigned himself to waking up; the anger rising in him. He stood up and began to dress and walked to the window; throwing open the window; he looked out at the chaos that took over the town.

Spotting a young boy, Voler shouted, “You there what is the meaning of this?”

The boy froze in his tracks, “Me, Sir? I don’t know, there are just animals everywhere. I’m just trying to AAHHRRGG…” The boy’s words were lost as he was clipped by one of the animals and drug away; the boy was never more relieved.

“Damn simpleton farmers.” Voler said as he left the window, “Can’t even take care of their own livestock with out causing an uproar.” He grabbed his sword and went to see for himself the source of the commotion; swearing that if he found the farmer who caused this, he would be punished. Voler opened the door, the smell was much worse down here and the sound was louder which didn’t help his growing headache. Voler walked off of the porch and stepped directly into a pile of horse shit.

“AAHHH!” Voler screamed in anger.

Voler scraped his boot clean on the edge of the porch. He turned and looked around him and down Main Street; everywhere he looked all he saw were animals, people and fights and arguments. Kids were chasing the animals trying to corral them. People everywhere were fighting or arguing.

A young soldier was running by, Voler grabbed him by the arm, causing him to lurch forward as he was stopped in his tracks.

“Where is your sergeant and the rest of the soldiers?” Voler questioned.

“The … the sergeant is over there sir.” the young soldier stammered pointing at a group of men in the midst of a brawl. “I …I don’t…I don’t know where the others are sir.”

“You remain with me.” Voler said to the young soldier as he walked towards the brawl.

“Yes sir.” The soldier said as he followed Voler to the fight.

Voler walked into the brawl, throwing the first few fighters he came into contact with away from the fight and onto the ground; the fighters quickly got up and ran away. Voler reached the sergeant who was fighting with another soldier. Voler drew his sword and placed it at the sergeant’s neck. It had the desired effect, the fighting stopped immediately.

“What may I ask are you fighting about?” Voler asked.

“He stole my cask of beer, sir” the sergeant said pointing at the other man, not daring to move for fear of Voler’s sword.

“Is this the cask of beer?” Voler asked nudging with his sword, a small cask which lay on the ground near the two men.

“Yes sir, that’s the cask he stole.” the sergeant said, thankful he was able to move; satisfied that Voler will end the fight.

With one swift motion, Voler swung his sword breaking open the cask and spilling its contents upon the ground. “Now you have nothing to fight about. The beer can be fed to the cattle and assorted animals which are roaming freely throughout the city.”

Voler turned to the sergeant and with the blade of his sword resting upon the man’s neck, the sergeant froze again.

Voler asked, “Is this how a sergeant in My army is supposed to act?”

“No sir it is not; I’m sorry” the man said, afraid of the consequence.

With one quick flick of Voler’s wrist, the man lost his stripes. “Pick those up and hand them to me.” Voler said.

The bent down and picked up what was once his sergeant stripes and handed them to Voler.

“You!” Voler shouted, “What is your name?” he said to the young soldier.

“My … my name? My name is Gamin, sir.” the young soldier said.

“Here, take these.” Voler said, slapping the stripes into his hands, “You’ve just been promoted. You are now the sergeant, I want you to get your men together and get this town organized. If any other soldiers are fighting and don’t follow your orders, kill them!”

“Yes, yes sir.” Gamin said.

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