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Novel - Day 45 - 1,115 / 50,192

“This is your living quarters whenever you are in Capital City. There are two entrances, the one we came through which opens into the city and the other which leads into the government building. That is where your meetings will be held and any work that needs done while you are here.” Creance said.

“I don’t understand, are you saying that I am now some kind of governor or queen over Capital City?” Kiri asked.

“No, no well, at least not quite. The actual term is Deacon. The Deacon of Capital City is the one who controls the city but is also the one who is the leader of the country. Traditionally it has been the leader of The Network but it doesn’t need to be. That is your choice to make and will be one you will have to make this evening.”

“Why this evening? What’s this evening?” Kiri asked.

“This evening is the installation ceremony. It is when you officially take control of The Network. It is a big celebration and an even bigger feast following.” Creance said with a smile.

“Will you be there? To lead me through everything I mean, I don’t know what to do or what to say or how to act or…” Kiri stammered, obviously overwhelmed.

“I will be there, as will several other friendly faces. Speaking of friendly faces, Marcia, I mean, your mother has asked if she may be allowed to join you and help you prepare for this evening. I know it would make her quite happy, she said she would like the opportunity to be a mother and help her daughter prepare for a big event.” Creance said.

Kiri paused for a second and obviously a little nervous said, “I, I would like that.”

“Then if you will excuse me, I will show her in.” Creance said leaving as Marcia entered.

Kiri spent the next hour with her mother preparing for the installation ceremony. it was a little while later when a messenger knocked on their door and announced that it was time. Marcia led Kiri out the secondary exit and through the government building. They arrived at the entrance of the government building on the top of the steps where they held The Envahir at bay. But everything looked different, the building and steps were decorated in bright beautiful colors and adorned with flowers. The streets were filled with the villagers who had come to watch the celebration.

Kiri and Marcia stepped out onto the platform and the crowd erupted in cheers. They looked out over the people, not knowing what else to do, Kiri waved and smiled. They let the crowd cheer for a short while until Sallan stepped forward and raised his arms to quiet the crowd.

Crenace stepped forward, “It has been many years since we have had a true leader of The Network. Today, Kiri steps forward to take that position.”

The crowd broke into shouts and cheers. Creance raised his hand to silence the crowd.

As the crowd quieted down, one voice rang out, “’bout time it was a woman!”

This caused a few more cheers and laughs from the crowd. Kiri smiled.

“She has been taught and that training has been tested in battle and she has arrived stronger.” Creance continued, “She has accepted to become leader of the Network.”

Creance stepped back.

Marcia stepped forward, “Kiri approach and kneel before me.”

Kiri did as instructed.

A messenger approached and carried a sword upon a pillow; Kiri noticed that it was her sword. Marcia took the sword.

Touching the sword to each shoulder and then to Kiri’s head Marcia said, “By the powers entrusted to me from the committee and the former leaders of The Network; I bestow upon you the duties and privileges of The Leader of The Network. It is your destiny to uphold the strength and faith of this organization and this country. May you have the strength to fight, the compassion to love and the wisdom to lead.

Rise and accept your position; Kiri, Leader of The Network.”

Marcia held the sword out and Kiri took the sword. As soon as she did, Marcia and everyone in Capital City kneeled before her.

Kiri raised the sword above her head and said, “Rise”.

Everyone stood and the crowd once again broke into shouts and cheers. Gongs sounded throughout the city.

Kiri placed her sword in its scabbard and approached the crowd. “People of Capital City we have all undergone some difficult times these last few days. While we have come out of the fight victorious, it is not without losses of our own. As we begin to celebrate this evening with a feast, I ask you kind people if you can find it in your hearts to help those who had a part in protecting your beautiful city. I ask that if you have anything to give to help the townspeople to the south rebuild their town, it would be graciously appreciated.”

Kiri thought it couldn’t hurt to ask for help to rebuild the town. She had decided that she herself would carry back the few goods they gathered. Kiri was amazed as she watched parts of the crowds break away and gather wagons and pile them with belongings.

Marcia approached and said to Kiri, “You must announce your acceptance as Deacon of Capital City. The celebration is then over and then we can proclaim the festivities to begin”

Kiri looked at Marcia and glanced at Creance then approached the crowd once again.

“It has been brought to my attention that the leader of The Network traditionally becomes The Deacon of Capital City. I have decided that this will not be my intention.”

The crowd gasped, Marcia and Crenace looked at her with concern.

“At this point in my education and abilities, I am not prepared well enough to do what I believe would be an adequate job of ruling over your city. Instead I have decided to extend the offer to someone much more capable at this time to be Deacon.

Creance, would you accept the position?” Kiri asked.

“I would be honored to accept the position of Deacon on your behalf.” Creance said.

“Then as Deacon, I suggest you make your first official proclamation.” Kiri suggested.

Creance turned to the crowd, “Let the celebration begin!”

Kiri stayed for a couple of days in Capital City before returning to her town. The supplies from Capital City had allowed the town to rebuild and recover. Including a brand new rebuilt bar and inn where Kiri took up residence. Kiri, along with her mother spent their time between the bar in town and Capital City.


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