Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chapter One

All of life includes chapters. Whether it is, the most obvious, in a book or it is within the different stages of life. Today began a new stage in my life, one where I open a new door in my life and try something new.

For many years I have wanted to write and have often fallen short for many reasons. This morning I was inspired and encouraged by someone to begin my own blog. Ralph has written his blog for sometime now and has even been published in the newspaper. You can read his blog at

As I pondered writing my own blog, I once again struggled with the simple task of what to write about. I say 'once again' because this is not the first time I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog. As Ralph gave me some suggestions, I realized that it is simply putting basic thoughts and ideas on paper.

As that hurdle was cleared, I wondered who was going to read my blog, or for that matter, who would want to? As I settled in to writing this first chapter, I understood . . . It doesn't matter. This is not an excercise to please others and make sure they are happy rather, it is simply an experience for me to enjoy and to learn from, as is all of life.

Why the title? Well I quickly discovered that the title for the blog can be one of the most difficult things to create. Often it is because all the good ones are taken and so you have to keep trying new ideas and different combinations. The title takes into account a few of the things I enjoy, Kite Flying, sailing and flying.

When you fly a kite, you capture the wind. You feel the string spin out of your hand as the wind lifts the kite into the air. you take special care to keep the kite balanced in the air, until you are ready to complete its flight. There are very few thrills in life like that of flying a kite. You experience a joy which many of us have not experienced since we were children. It is this same joy we should be experiencing in life as adults.

It is my hope that together, through these pages, we can experience the joy life has to offer.

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